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Safari during the current pandemic of Covid-19


Dear Interested customers who are looking for a Safari in Tanzania. 


With the current pandemic great care and precautions have to be taken by all of us.  We have to follow the advice and procedures so as to both reduce the risk to ourselves and to others.

Your health is our highest priority in all that we recommend and we have therefore tried to give you the opportunity for a great safari with minimal risk.  It is our wish that you come to Tanzania healthy and return home healthy after having a safari of a lifetime.

International air traffic has recently opened up to Tanzania. There are however procedures that have to be followed. At the moment you need a negative Covid-19 test which must not be older than 72 hours when entering Tanzania.

At the airport in Tanzania a temperature screening will be done. There is also the possibility of an on-site test if symptoms warrant this.  If a test is administered you will be quarantined until such time as the results come back (normally 3 full days).

Under the following link you will find an information brochure of "The United Republic of Tanzania Ministry Of Natural Resources And Tourism":


During your time in Tanzania we recommend to keep the social contacts to a minimum and always observe social distancing. 

General hygiene regulations apply in the country, such as the wearing of face masks and keeping a minimum distance of 2 metres and not to join up with groups.

Furthermore, we recommend carrying hand sanitizer in case you are not able to thorough wash your hands with soap.

Especially for self-drivers it is a unique opportunity to experience Tanzania without a big crowd and tourism.

The unique wilderness and the fascinating animal observations are also possible now, more undisturbed than ever before.

Considering the fact that there are currently very few tourists in the parks and therefore only few vehicles are driving on these roads, the risk of driving on these roads is currently much lower than normal.

This is a wonderful time to visit the parks as there are very few tourists.  This is a unique opportunity that may not be available for many years.

As a self-driver you also minimize the risk of infection as you are your own boss and can easily avoid crowds of people.

The national parks are currently all open and can be visited.

  • Avoid or minimize local contacts or cultural interactions during your trip.
  • Wear masks while driving through the city, while shopping, when passing through park gates or whenever you might be in the vicinity of others.
  • Keep a bottle of disinfectant that you can use at times when you cannot wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Prefer private campsites to public campsites
  • Keep a daily diary of where you have been, where you have stopped and any facility you might have used during these stops.  You are also required to take temperature readings (a infrared forehead thermometer will be provided to you) every morning and afternoon and these reading have to be noted down in this diary.

We do not want to expose either our employees or our customers to risk.

We would like to point out that you as a self-driver have to take responsibility for your actions and are responsible for your interaction on site.


Very best regards and stay healthy!